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Redefining eCommerce and Delivery Experiences

End-to-end trust

Delivery Precision

Improve sales by up to 25%

  • Shipment tracking visibility is necessary but not sufficient for today’s eShoppers. Protect and grow your revenue by providing eCommerce shoppers a precise delivery date and delivery flexibility.

  • eShoppers buy from various platforms but pit their delivery experience against the industry leader. While they choose from multiple delivery speeds, they are still looking for delivery date precision. The greatest wallet share is allocated towards platforms with the best delivery experience.

  • We work with Brands, Retailers and Carriers to bring a seamless delivery experience and meet evolving expectations of consumers.

Event Prediction

Act, don’t observe​

  • Supply chain leaders strive to make operations smooth and predictable. But they know that supply chain behavior, left on its own, is anything but smooth and predictable.

  • Some vendors have opted to provide “control tower” solutions that often just elevate data without providing insights necessary to adjust performance.


  • DeepLogica’s powerful AI algorithms help clients predict events that could disrupt performance, and then we take it a step further. We provide recommendations on how performance can be adjusted, if necessary.


  • These insights can come from your inbound and outbound performance data, or exogenous activity data, and are updated real-time so you are responding to current conditions.

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Demand Sensing

Inventory where it’s needed

  • How often do you pay extra transportation costs, and unnecessarily increase your carbon footprint, because you put inventory in the wrong place?

  • Demand Planning is a hard job, with many software providers trying to solve very complex problems well in advance of actual demand. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make inventory stocking and staffing decisions based on your latest activity data and shifts in actual demand?

  • We identify in advance where your will have likely fulfillment issues based on your latest SKU-level activity data, and we provide insights that can help you adjust staffing, cutoff time, distribution order, and stocking decisions when they can help you the most.

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